R.I.P (RIP) - Rest in Peace Tattoos, Ideas & Touching Examples (2024)

R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) Tattooshave been among the most popular tattoo inked on the human body. Most of us have experienced losing a loved one, be it a human or a pet. Some people choose to use a simple tattoo pattern with just the name and date of their loss in single color ink. Adding a cross, heart, angel wings, or flowers can help to personalize your tattoo. You may also consider places or things your loved one liked to add to your tattoo design.


  • 1 Types of R.I.P Tattoos
    • 1.1 R.I.P. Cross Tattoos
    • 1.2 R.I.P Dad Tattoos
    • 1.3 R.I.P. Tattoos for Mom
    • 1.4 R.I.P. Quotes Tattoos
    • 1.5 Angle R.I.P. Tattoos
    • 1.6 R.I.P. Tattoos for Grandpa
    • 1.7 R.I.P. Tattoos for Grandma
    • 1.8 R.I.P Tattoos with Wings
    • 1.9 R.I.P. Tattoos for Girls
    • 1.10 R.I.P. Memorial Tattoos
  • 3 More R.I.P Tattoos

Types of R.I.P Tattoos

R.I.P. Cross Tattoos

R.I.P. cross tattoos are chosen by many to memorialize their loved ones. The cross is generally wrapped with a ribbon that holds that message that you want to say, perhaps the birth and date of death, a message of love, a remembrance, or a meaningfulquote.

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  • R.I.P (RIP) - Rest in Peace Tattoos, Ideas & Touching Examples (2)
  • R.I.P (RIP) - Rest in Peace Tattoos, Ideas & Touching Examples (3)
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R.I.P Dad Tattoos

R.I.P. dad tattoos are often seen with praying hands and the message underneath, “Rest in Peace, Dad.” Other forms of R.I.P dad’s tattoos are portraiture tattoos which are very common in memorial-type tattoos.

R.I.P. Tattoos for Mom

R.I.P tattoos for mom are numerous. The loss of a mother or father next to a child is one of the most devastating grieving periods of our lives. It doesn’t matter how you intellectualize it. Nothing can stave it off. R.I.P. tattoos are a wonderful permanent reminder of your mom. Design styles mom usually include hearts, roses, her name, “mom,” a portrait tattoo, a symbol for you and her together, something meaningful to the two of you.

Ideas for meaningfulness are phrases that illustrate possibly the most important thing she ever gave to your or taught you. By “gave,” I am referring to knowledge that she may have imparted or possibly your own life or the life of your children, not a material item.

R.I.P. Quotes Tattoos

R.I.P. Quotes Tattoos are written messages tattooed in your favorite font meaningful to you and the deceased and provide an everlasting memory. Usually, their name and date of birth and death are added as well.

Angle R.I.P. Tattoos

Angel R.I.P. tattoos are memorial tattoos that include an angel in the design. The angel can be seen holding your loved one, hovering over their name, date of birth, date of death, or something that represents them from their life on earth. The angel itself can mean your loved one in its new form in heaven.

R.I.P. Tattoos for Grandpa

R.I.P. tattoos for grandpa are very special. Generally, our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. For R.I.P. tattoos for grandpa, many times an insignia is used that was important to him. A symbol of something that he was very proud of, which just might be you! Include his name or the words “R.I.P Grandpa.”

R.I.P. Tattoos for Grandma

R.I.P. tattoos from grandma are just as special as grandpa. The culture of kinship naming runs deep and vast in every culture, and the significance placed on the relationship is usually reflected in the name. Nice R.I.P tattoos for grandma could include family or a symbol representing that family that she drew together.

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R.I.P Tattoos with Wings

R.I.P. tattoos with wings are most popularly seen with a heart or an angel. In the heart design, the wings are folded around the heart representing that the deceased angels form will always be held in your heart and you know that wherever they are they are holding yours. Included in the design are usually some simple words that state your remembrance of the deceased.

R.I.P. Tattoos for Girls

R.I.P. Tattoos for girls can have two different meanings when requesting this tattoo. R.I.P tattoos with a feminine touch are usually designed with angels, flowers, hearts, and sometimes with a beautiful saying that reflects the feelings and emotions felt from their loss. In the second instance, in the event of the loss of a girl child, some beautiful designs are portraitures of you holding your baby girl.

Other tattoo designs depict angelic hands holding the baby. These are beautiful R.I.P. tattoos for girls because no matter what the age of a child when they pass, they will always be your baby.

R.I.P. Memorial Tattoos

R.I.P. memorial tattoos are a general category suggesting you’ve been tattooed in memory of the person who is no longer with us on earth. They can be very brief and small, such as R.I.P “their name” I Will Never Forget; too much more detailed R.I.P memorial tattoos that include something personal about the person you wish to memorialize.

Coloring & Placement of R.I.P Tattoos

Coloring of R.I.P. tattoos is almost always included. The exceptions to these designs are when people decide to use quotes or lettering to express their R.I.P. tattoos. These types of R.I.P. tattoos are almost always inked in dark blue, black, dark green, and very rarely seen in white or lighter colors. Portraiture R.I.P. tattoos are created using black ink and shading to produce the likeness of the deceased. The same can be said if using the praying hands for R.I.P tattoos.

Placement of R.I.P. tattoos is a personal matter. Although any tattoo is body art, whether you want to share it with the world or keep it yourself is a private matter. Many choose to share them, and when they do, they are placed on the forearms, chest, back, shoulders, ankles, and down onto the foot.

More R.I.P Tattoos

R.I.P (RIP) - Rest in Peace Tattoos, Ideas & Touching Examples (2024)


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